About Me

My name is Carmen Christy and I offer an affordable quality design service. Specializing in Colour, Interior Styling and Decoration. Servicing Melbourne, Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula & Great Ocean Road.

In addition to my tertiary qualifications including: an Associate Degree in Interior Decoration & Design from RMIT, and a Diploma in Visual Merchandising, I have over 10 years experience working within the creative design industry. I currently contract to the Dulux Group which adds to my colour expertise.

As a builders daughter, I spent my childhood on the building site, playing and making new things. This has led me to become the tactile hands on creative I am today.

I am inspired by heritage architecture and enjoy creating a modern adaptation by merging ideas from the past with the trends of today, adding creative theatre to commercial and residential environments.

I am a passionate about colour, design and emerging global trends in both fashion and architecture.

Influenced by the world and everything around me. I love to travel and seek inspiration and ideas everywhere, everyday.