Oh Hello Winter… Shortlist Shop window display Winter Launch

June 10, 2016 7:37 am

Shortlist Shop’s “Oh Hello Winter” Launch.

It was a bit of fun creating this cozy window installation for retail boutique Shortlist Shop.
The brief was to create a cost effective display that was fun, in-capture a Winter vibe all without over shadowing the product.

The beautiful moss covered blossom tree branches fit perfectly in the front window, forming a tunnel of twisted branches, to view the store within.

The store is situated on on a commercial street with no tree’s so the bags and bags of big beautiful Winter leaves that I scattered all over the shop front and footpath, truly gave customers a sense of Winter as they stepped inside.

As the night grew dark the display came alive. The branches caused long skeletal shadows which cast throughout the store.
Customers shopped, sipping red wine from crystal glasses in an Alice-in-Wonderland like environment.

Visit SHORTLIST SHOP for a closer look at the beautifully crafter product on offer.

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